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✅Neuro Plus Brain and Focus
✅Sleep Formula
✅BCAA Shock Powder 🍉Watermelon

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If you want to focus, recover, and sleep, this is the stack you wish to.

The wellness stack contains On Edge Neuro Plus Brain and Focus, our Nootropic that has been formulated for increased brain function, memory recall, motivation, creativity, and alertness without any stimulants.

Our BCAA/EAA formula On Edge Recovery with added hydration support utilizing coconut water and an electrolyte blend.

Lastly, On Edge Sleep Formula is our sleep and recovery formula that will help you get to sleep faster and allow you to enter that deeper sleep for longer.

This stack is perfect for those not only crushing it in the gym but have a full schedule with work and family.

Neuro Plus Brain and Focus
BCAA Shock Powder - Choose Your Flavor
Sleep Formula

34 reviews for On Edge Wellness

  1. Amias (verified buyer)

    This is the best protein I have ever tasted, period. The flavor is INSANELY accurate.

  2. Jacob (verified buyer)

    Best tasting and easiest to blend with water, milk or coffee. Love the pumpkin spice #basic

  3. Ira (verified buyer)

    One of my favorite flavors. Dissolves very well, taste great, top quality. I highly recommend.

  4. Denver (verified buyer)

    Got this as a kicker with a larger order. I have been blown away so far with the customer service and efficiency of all products so far. I will be a customer for years to come.

  5. Jagger (verified buyer)

    Whey wrecks my stomach. This stuff is amazing!

  6. Caiden (verified buyer)

    I put this in my coffee every day! It’s so yummy!

  7. Baker (verified buyer)

    Really good flavor I was surprised.

  8. Ernesto (verified buyer)

    Best tasting and easiest to blend with water, milk or coffee. Love the pumpkin spice #basic

  9. Omari (verified buyer)

    This is a really yummy formula that doesn’t taste like chalk and no gritty aftertaste.

  10. Jonathan (verified buyer)

    Love this product!

  11. Wyatt (verified buyer)

    My husband LOVES this stuff. He could tell immediately & if he misses a day he can. He has much more energy and can push himself harder in workouts when taking this.

  12. Alaric (verified buyer)

    This is the second time Iv ordered this product, great stuff along with excellent customer service. How many companies can you order from and receive a hand written letter thanking you for your order? Not many

  13. Mathew (verified buyer)

    Love this product! Would highly recommend!

  14. Adam (verified buyer)

    I can definitely tell difference in the gym with this product, my drive is a little better and my strength is picking up. Worth the money.

  15. Dominick (verified buyer)

    Been taking for 4 weeks. Felt increase in stamina and strength during workouts after one week. Noticed physical results within 3 weeks. Sex drive is through the roof. Highly recommend.

  16. Sylas (verified buyer)

    Love this product! Would highly recommend!

  17. Robert (verified buyer)

    I can definitely tell difference in the gym with this product, my drive is a little better and my strength is picking up. Worth the money.

  18. Prince (verified buyer)

    I really like this product, It gives me the boost i need

  19. Travis (verified buyer)

    I’m always skeptical with these types of supps. However, this product works well. 1 week in and I have an explosion of energy, focus, strength, and endurance. Will buy again! A+++

  20. Benicio (verified buyer)

    So it’s been a week or so and I didn’t even notice until my trainer said I’ve gone up in weights and then I noticed when I was doing chest day. I’ve been on 30-35’s for a minute and I’m now doing 45’s and I was impressed! These def improve your performance and make you go up in weight. Dont feel tired or anything after as well. During you don’t feel like you’re a crack head like other products. The one thing that I did notice was I got pimples on my shoulders and back while I started taking these. But other then that these are FIRE!

  21. Zahir (verified buyer)

    Love this product! Would highly recommend!

  22. Raphael (verified buyer)

    I am 55, I use this as directed and I noticed more energy and balance in my life. I dont kill the weights like I used to but it helps get me thru some of the longer workouts.

  23. Jaziel (verified buyer)


  24. Gideon (verified buyer)

    This product is amazing!

  25. Dylan (verified buyer)

    Really felt a difference in my day to day activities and gave me that extra pump at the gym.

  26. Mauricio (verified buyer)

    Rated 5 out of 5Review posted4 months ago

  27. Andy (verified buyer)

    Rated 5 out of 5Review posted8 months ago

  28. Enrique (verified buyer)

    Easy to take in the mornings, description on label clear instructions.

  29. Adriel (verified buyer)

    I’m almost 40 and felt I didn’t have any energy. Less than a week of taking this I feel more energized and motivated. I’ve tried other products that made me feel weird and out of sorts but this is the real deal!

  30. Bryson (verified buyer)

    I was skeptical when I purchased this product, but was happy with the results after my first cycle following the serving recommendations (I ordered 2 bottles). Towards the end of the cycle, I noticed a marked increase in energy for my workouts, and I noticed a drop in my body fat %. I am starting my 2nd cycle, and look forward to more of the same.

  31. Curtis (verified buyer)

    I felt a huge boost in energy as well as libido and increased sexual performance.. this is worth your money, trust me!

  32. Dominik (verified buyer)

    Product is very helpful

  33. Landen (verified buyer)

    So happy with my purchase!

  34. Cameron (verified buyer)

    The product works.

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