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Shred Mango

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Spartan Proteins Shred Mango

Spartan Proteins Shred is a delicious-tasting, all-in-one thermogenic weight loss support product formulated to attack fat loss and weight maintenance from multiple angles.

Spartan Shred is available in:

  • Shred Mango
  • Shred Pineapple

Spartan Proteins Shred Formula

2000 MG Acetyl L-carnitine

This is a modified version of carnitine, which is a type of amino acid present in red meat easily absorbed across the body and brain. It will benefit various areas of brain health, mitochondrial function, cholinergic activity, and even cognition.

600 MG KSM 66

KSM-66 is a full-spectrum extract with the greatest concentration of any major root-only extracts on the market today. A patented extraction technology based on green chemistry principles is used to create this. It’s also worth noting that no chemical solvents are used. KSM 66 helps reduce stress and anxiety, it also promotes endurance, strength, muscle size, and muscle recovery rate.

125 MG Innoslim

Innoslim is a proprietary all-natural plant. InnoSlim has been shown to successfully regulate muscle cell metabolism, fat cell, and glucose, resulting in considerable improvements in fat cell combustion, glucose absorption, and muscle cell glycogen synthesis. This makes InnoSlim an ideal ingredient for blood sugar control, weight loss, and more.

25 MG Paradoxine

Paradoxine is an extract of grains of paradise — a herb. Through multiple clinical studies, it has been shown that the product is safe and effective as well as stimulant-free, which avoids using stimulants or other ingredients usually seen in generic products. The only safety-certified grains of paradise extract on the market right now is paradoxine.

SKU: S0014US-1-1 Category:

Flavors: Mango;
Serving Size: 13.2 Grams;
Servings Per Container: 20
Bottle Color: White;
Bottle Size: 64 oz;
Lid Color: Red

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Weight12 oz
Dimensions6 × 3.75 × 3.75 in
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20 reviews for Shred Mango

  1. Jackson (verified buyer)

    Rated 5 out of 5Review posted7 months ago

  2. Ricardo (verified buyer)

    Expect to get exactly what comes with a boosted Testosterone. I strongly suggest it for guys who nerd a pep in their step.

  3. Jimmy (verified buyer)

    I feel more energized throughout the day and have a more focus as well.

  4. Braylon (verified buyer)

    Been taking them for a few days and I am already feeling more energetic

  5. Henry (verified buyer)

    This stuff is good but it doesn’t seem to be as strong as the old formula!

  6. Alfredo (verified buyer)

    Really great product. Definitely can feel a difference in the gym and also in how I look/feel.

  7. Mohammad (verified buyer)

    Increased energy which helped my workouts and results

  8. Lennon (verified buyer)

    Says he can definitely tell a difference when using it

  9. Messiah (verified buyer)

    Good product. Only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is because I am in the early stages of the supplement. I would like to reevaluate after a month of consistent training sessions and dieting.

  10. Joe (verified buyer)

    Very good results from using

  11. Arturo (verified buyer)

    So happy with my purchase!

  12. Jesus (verified buyer)

    Great product

  13. Jase (verified buyer)


  14. Jayce (verified buyer)

    Very good results from using

  15. Sutton (verified buyer)

    2nd month on product and loving it. Strength is staying while trying to cut out some bf. Body is to ing ip nicely.

  16. Turner (verified buyer)

    Increased energy which helped my workouts and results

  17. Ishaan (verified buyer)

    Title says it all.

  18. Dalton (verified buyer)

    My husband is so excited about this supplement. He is 40 and ready to do anything he can to stay at his best!

  19. Devin (verified buyer)

    Increased energy which helped my workouts and results

  20. Hugo (verified buyer)

    Really great product. Definitely can feel a difference in the gym and also in how I look/feel.

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