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Tom spent several years bodybuilding and maintaining a strict diet. At the time, the options for supplements were limited and mediocre. Years later, Tom is still focused on a healthy and active lifestyle and spends many hours in the gym weightlifting. And although there are more supplements on the market, they are costly and lack flavor.


Derek cares about healthy eating and has a cabinet full of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, and in the fridge, you’ll find an array of weird fruits like pitaya. He stays fit by weightlifting, boxing, jumping rope, and yoga. 


Amy is an indoor cycle teacher and enjoys weightlifting, kickboxing, hiking, yoga, and long walks with the dog. An organic food enthusiast (ask Tom!) with a penchant for limiting processed foods, she believes in embracing a lifestyle of good nutrition and activity.


Derek and Tom appreciate the benefits of premium supplements for good health but were tired of the high costs and disappointing flavor. This led to a discussion about what options they had. What if we could offer our premium products at a lower price point? So that’s what they did.

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“Live a better lifestyle with our fantastic line of Nutrition and organic products for men and women.”

Let On Edge Performance help you take your health and workouts to the edge.

Tom Mariano

Founder - CEO

Derek Raimo


Amy Mariano

Head Of Marketing

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Our prices are low and we provide offers on bundled products so you can try new things at an affordable price.

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